Monday, September 1, 2014

Shrimp and Sausage Creamy Cajun Pasta

As much as I love my Creamy Shrimp and Cheese Grits with Spicy Andouille recipe, it has come to my attention that not everyone is a fan of grits.  You fellow southerners are thinking, "Who are these crazy people, right?"  

Well, they do indeed exist and for them I've taken the delicious creamy sauce I've come to adore,  added some Parmesan cheese goodness and tossed it all with my favorite pasta. Gluten free, of course.

I can honestly say, I like this just as much.  Totally reminds me of pasta dishes from one of our favorite restaurants in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It's really that good y'all!

Cajun Shrimp and Sausage Pasta

Shrimp Seasoning

1 tablespoon Worcestershire
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 teaspoon paprika
Cajun Seasoning to coat, preferably Tony's Chacherie's


3 tablespoons butter
12 oz andouille cut into small pieces
1/3 cup finely chopped shallots
1/4 cup finely chopped celery
1 large clove garlic
2 pounds large shrimp, peeled and deveined
1/2 cup white wine
1 cup whipping cream
1 cup grated Parmesan cheese, more for topping
3 tablespoons green onions
1 tablespoon fresh parsley


Peel and devein shrimp. Rinse, drain and season shrimp and set aside.

Begin boiling water for your pasta.

Shrimp and Cream Sauce

Melt butter in pan and brown andouille on medium high.  Remove sausage and set aside.  With grease still in pan, saute shallots and celery until almost tender.  Add garlic and cook until fragrant.

De-glaze pan with white wine and add shrimp and andouille and cook for a minute or two. Just long enough for the shrimp begin to pink up.

By this time your pasta is ready to drain and set aside 

Add cream, green onions and once heated through, and thickens slightly.

Add in drained pasta and Parmesan cheese. Once all melted,
finish with parsley and serve.

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